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Preparation of Woodlot Management Plans

Preparation of Woodlot Management Plans

Our SNB Field Staff have extensive experience in preparing management plans. The format we use provides the owner with a description and prescription of the various stand types found on the woodlot, the access and the boundary lines. A prioritized action plan is then prepared designed to assist the owner in achieving their objectives. SNB provides a variety of services.

One of our professional foresters or technicians can provide you with a comprehensive management plan, based on your objectives as a woodlot owner, to give you one of the most valuable tools you could have in reaching all your sustainable management objectives. Financial assistance may be available through your local Marketing Board.

Click the button below for a sample of a woodlot management plan.

Boundary Line Reconnaissance

This service is charged out at an hourly rate ($65/hr). One of our qualified Foresters or Forest Technicians can give you a hand in the retracement of your old/deteriorated boundary lines by piecing together old evidence (barbwire fence, old blazes, rock walls etc...) and marking it with flagging tape. Some of the tools we use to assist us are a comprehensive GIS system, GPS units, sighting/hand compasses and string boxes. Good lines make good neighbours. We maintain a digital record of all the evidence that is located.

Boundary Line Reconnaissance

Cruises & Inventory Appraisals

This service is charged out at an hourly rate. Similar to management plans, the cost per acre tends to decrease as the size of the property increases.This service will provide the property owner with a detailed assessment of the volume by species and product, for both softwood and hardwood on their woodlot. 

The Inventory Appraisal is basically the same format as a cruise, but is taken one step further to provide the owner with an estimate of the current value of the merchantable products on the property.

Wood Products Marketing

Marketing is a very important part of being able to carry out good forest management on your woodlot. Wood sales from private woodlots provides a significant contribution to the economy and employment of NB; as well as the sustainability to ensure a forest for future generations. Most accessed markets are in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Maine.

Harvest  & Land Management Services

This service is designed to provide the owner with complete, professional management of their property, Based on the owner's objectives, SNB will

co-ordinate all activities such as road construction, silviculture, harvesting and recreational development. SNB will act as the owner's agent, representing the owner's interests. However, owners can access this service for simply harvesting one stand. All harvesting is geared toward alternative methods. Cost of this service is based on a percentage of revenue and will vary depending on activities.

The Land Management Program was initially designed for non-resident woodlot owners, but we have found that as many or more resident owners are participating in the program. The general principle is that SNB will act as the owner’s agent by preparing a management plan for the woodlot and then implementing it.

Landowner Information System

We have a comprehensive GIS computer system that provides a listing of ownership of all parcels of land in the SNB area.

SNB maintains a comprehensive Arcview GIS system database. We are very proud of our dynamic system that we have put together over the past 10 years. We have our own Service N.B. property database along with many DNR layers including such features as roads, LiDAR imagery & data, forest inventory, streams, wetlands, aerial photos and many more. Feel free to stop by our office anytime to check your woodlot's information on our system.


Culvert Sales & Installations

If you are looking to do some road construction or upgrading existing roads on your woodlot, then you have come to the right place to find the culverts that you need for your project.  We carry a wide variety of Soleno plastic/polyethylene culverts for forestry road (210kPa) and driveway use (320kPa), ranging in diameters from 6"- 48" and lengths from 10' - 30'. Couplers, geotextiles/filter fabric and silt fencing are available as well. We also have Certified Installers (by the Department of Environment) on staff, that can provide you with a permit and the expertise to install a correctly sized culvert or bridge, properly on your woodlot.

Drone Photo & Video Surveys

Interested in a new 2022 aerial photo, survey or video of your woodlot? We have a licensed drone pilot on staff, that can take HD photos and videos of anything of interest to you such as checking on your camp, harvesting & silviculture inspections, road construction, extreme weather damage assessments, insect and disease surveys, orthorectified aerial photos for your management plan and much more.

Drones video surveys

Pre-Commercial & Commercial Thinning

Our crews have been providing thinning services for over 30 years now.  Whether it be pre-commericial, semi-commericial, commericial or a plantation tending/cleaning, our skilled operators and supervisors are second to none.

Reforestation & Afforestation

Our crews have planted over 1 million seedlings in one year in the past!  Each year we plant a variety of softwood seedlings (generally white, red & black spruce and also some white & red pine) that are customized to grow productively on each unique planting site, while also taking future stand diversity and climate change considerations in mind.

Reforestation and afforestation
Hardwood plantations

Hardwood Plantations

The days of monoculture softwood plantations as being the only method of reforestation and afforestation on private lands are now over.  Our forest management professionals have developed a great technique of establishing hardwood plantations, without the worry of wind, rodent or deer damage, to the newly planted hardwoods.  We use a 6' tall Plantra tree tube, 7' Plantra fibreglass stake and 37cm cocodisc for total protection and growth enhancement of all hardwood trees.

Special Planting Projects

We are certainly not only limited to only establishing plantations.  Shelterbelts, privacy barriers, tree arboretums, reclaimed areas widlife enhancement projects are all projects that we have completed over the past few years.

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